Tiburon Fishing Reels

 Smart Shift® Automatic Shifting 2-Speed Big Game Reels

We've been fishing the Samson fish with your Smart Shift SST8 reels on 50# tackle. Those fish are typically 20 - 30 kg, and better than 99% are released, though we had one last week that just wouldn't swim away. We gave it to the local marine research labs because it was outstanding - 53kg (119-lbs).

Hal Harvey
Bluewater Tackle
Scarborough, Australia

         Tiburon Engineering's Smart Shift® reels are a breakthrough in fishing reel technology. These reels feature a patented transmission that shifts gears automatically in response to the resistance from a hooked fish. If the fish is pulling hard and "dogging" it, your Smart Shift® reel senses the increase in resistance and automatically shifts down to low gear. Turn the fish towards you, and the reel shifts seamlessly back into high gear. The benefits are obvious:

  • Automatic shifting allows you to maintain constant pressure on the fish throughout the fight eliminating the momentary changes in line tension which occurs when shifting other 2-speed reels.
  • Whether you fish for food, fun or tournament points, you will get your fish to the boat faster with a Smart Shift® reel.

       Tiburon's Smart Shift® reels are manufactured to precision tolerances using marine and aerospace proven materials, and are fully warranted for quality and satisfaction. Invest in a Smart Shift® reel and experience what a positive difference a state-of the art piece of equipment can make in your fishing pleasure.

  Quick Change Reels

What a sweeeeeeeet reel. This is even better than I imagined.  I fished my high speed gears and iron in the morning and when we stumbled on the tuna I swapped the gears and extra spool and was grinding up tuna mid-day. I love my new QC-7500!!!

Joel Barbee
San Clemente, CA

         Tiburon Quick Change™ Reels are, by design, the most versatile lever drag  reels on the market today. Our unique Quick Change™ gear system allows you to easily change the gear ratio in your reel to suit any fishing challenge. All it takes is a simple Phillips screwdriver and a few short minutes to convert your Quick Change™ reel from a low speed "stump puller" to a high speed jig caster, or to what ever you want it to be. There is virtually no fishing task that the Quick Change™ reel cannot adapt to.